Don't do this alone!  You can build your side gig or business at your own pace. But make sure you have everything in place...for Success!

Often we start a business from an idea and are most focused on creating the idea, service or product.  That alone can really take up a lot of time and energy - leaving little left to manage and promote your business.  Making a profit may not happen without good  strategies and habits in place early... Its not too late for a Fresh Start!

These workshops will not only be informative, but a way to connect with others, create your business strategy, implement what you learn and collaborate through mentoring with experts...And have fun.

  • April 14- Ideas Are Great But How Do You Execute Them (and make money) Get the basics in place.
  • May 12 - Tools, Your Value and Staying Valuable, Pacing Your Money, Scheduling Payments and More
  • June 9 - Delegating, Negotiating, Presenting and using your words brilliantly to get the best results and repeat business.
    This is the Launch of the Fresh Start Series of Workshops and they are priced competitively!  
    One Workshop - 97.00 (bring a friend  for 167.00 total)
    Two Workshops 145.00 total.  Bring a friend for 225.00 total.  
    The Series = 297.00 plus *bonus  three 20 minute mentoring sessions over the next 6 months!
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