Why Don't More Women Start Businesses?

A Recent NY Times Article by Claire Caine

The question of why more women do not start businesses?  The answer?? "Research suggests that there is a lack of role models..."

In a time when women have come so far in many areas I think this is one where we are lacking.

As a woman who has owned businesses and been a creative entrepreneur pretty much my whole life, I think its very important to mentor others into a career that they can build and create for themselves.

The article goes on to say that men help each other out in business but it isn't the same for women.  Perhaps its because women still believe its a mans world?  In a lot of fields it is but women can succeed if given support and tools.  It may not be the same way men succeed or in the same businesses but the opportunity is there.

Also there just aren't as many women holding high profile jobs - but we are seeing a change there.  I believe that things will change and I am doing what I can to support that.  

Empowering women to develop their skills,  KNOW what they deliver and leverage that is powerful.  I think women should fully embrace that they are not men and therefore will not approach things as men do.  That is not bad or less.  I think the world has set the tone for us to believe that...but again, I see a change.

 The world needs more women in businesses to create a balance and to bring in a new era.  Not to compete with men but to work with them and forge their own paths.  Bring uniquely what is theirs to the world in their way.  For too long, women have been really fighting for equal rights and they have made progress...Instead of saying "Men have all the power"  Why not harness their own power??

Yes, it sounds all very idealistic but I do think with women helping women, it will unfold.  Not to conquer men or make them less....just stand beside them, with them and create something that is powerful and uniquely theirs.

Here is the article if you would like to read it: Why Don't Women See Themselves as Entrepreneurs?


I will leave you with this thought.  Historically, women have fought hard to stand beside men and to have freedom to choose and create their life, their way....I honor those women.   Now, the world needs women to see their value and that they bring something so unique to the world - not competing with a man - but shining as a woman. 

Elizabeth has been a creative entrepreneur for most of her life.  She has owned and operated businesses and continues to do so.   She created Better By Design Academy as a resource for others to get support for launching and building their businesses.  Mentoring others into success.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID