What's Exciting About Dallas, Texas Now


Upscale and Curated Resources are the lifelines to designers success

Stepping into the newly launched Forty-Five Ten Lifestyle and Home retailer, I knew I was in my element. The setting was chic and relaxed with a selection of the finest curated items from locally sourced designers and artisans

  The setting was impeccable, gorgeous and well styled.   I enjoyed speaking with a woman named Nancy who was elegant, smart and really knew about the people behind the pieces.   

Whenever I am working on a project in a different city, I like to see the local talent....be it upscale, chic or funky and Forty-Five-Ten was an excellent example of the pulse of what is NOW in Dallas Texas.

I think the project should reflect the area that the people live in....curated from the local best sources.


That brings me to the next area I visited.  It was the Bishop Arts District.  If you have ever visited Brooklyn's Williamsburg and seen the transformation taking place over the last decade there, this area is very much following the same path.  It's the trend of moving into the cities and the old areas being given new life.  The arts district is an area filled with turn of the century homes, some vacant and closed up, run down store fronts ... and then this vibrant village of cafe's, restaurants, shops, and galleries.

There were plenty of people on the streets, in the restaurants and shops.  A live band was playing on a street corner.  

I found this area to have a more bohemian and vintage flair with the essence of finding whimsical treasures.


As I drove through the outlying areas, I saw the mix of new and old and realized that like Los Angeles and other cities in the US....Dallas is growing rapidly.

I stopped at a hip "farm to table" cafe and it was filled with the Dallas of now.  Many are millennials making their way back into the city.

As I visited the property I traveled there to consult on I mentioned all of the growth to the project manager.  He agreed and said that there are large companies moving into Dallas - breathing life into the economy.


As I mentioned before, whenever I am in a different city for a project...I do my best to understand the local trends, flavor and essence of the area so I can better deliver a space that speaks to its users

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID CID

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