Weekend Recharge



          I am creative. I am a professional interior designer.  I am an entrepreneur. I am a business person. Its in my whole being...therefore I "live" my work. It a part of who I am.   I design spaces and my mind envisions those spaces and how they will be utilized.  I think of all the details

           Custom made items,  where windows and cabinets are going to be or the space planning and will the clients wishes and dreams come to fruition? Or do I have to break the news that possibly we have to let go of a few of the things they wanted so badly.

I am functioning from a creative place (intuitive) logical place (design/function) administrative (conducting the business of it all) and much more.  It is a lot of jobs wrapped up into one.

And I LOVE it.


But time and experience has shown me that if I do not take the time to recharge my mind, body and soul....all areas of my life suffer.


Here are some of the things I have practiced as an Interior Designer who owns her own firm:

  •  I take time for myself in the morning.  I meditate, exercise, eat and then its time to get serious.  I get so much more accomplished this way!!
  •  A work day is a work day.  It is important to walk away from the work at the end of the day.  Let the world go 'round on an idea.  it may be better tomorrow
  • I don't take calls at night.  I may text only if its crucial but that is my time to unwind.
  • I make plans to "unplug" at least one day during the weekend and simply enjoy my life.  While I love what I do....I want to be my best for my work and burn out never served anyone well

By first making sure you get the best treatment available you can then provide clients and the people you interact with a better experience.  

Also, if you have self respect others will respect you more.    

But that's another blog!!

For now, design and live and enjoy your life.....the world will thank you for it.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID

I am a professional interior designer, owner of my own firm and designing for over 25 years. I am sharing my experiences along the way.

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