Trends - How To Design For Today and Years To Come


Forecasting Trends:  Design Tips That Go The Distance

Trends reflect our times and the way we live now.   As an interior designer, I am immersed in style, design, and trends. I am constantly forecasting the here and now ...but five to ten years from now.  Because of that, current trends become passe to me and I am always looking ahead.....Which is a good thing.  That is one of the skills/traits my clients hire me for.   It is my job to know what is happening in the upcoming years with not only style but fixtures, codes, and finishes. The newest of the newest.  Knowing is one thing...but how do I persuade them that what I am specifying IS forecasted and will stand the test of time?

"When A Client Is Investing In Their Space, It Needs to "Go The Distance"

I have been designing long enough to read the trends and understand how they will develop.  As I mentioned, it is expected for you to push the limits a bit. Take risks but not so far out you scare your clients - and yourself.  They will sense it.

Because I have plenty of experience both with forecasting and with knowing how to deliver it to my client, I already have their trust.  But that doesn't mean I have free reign.  Some give me free reign but I do need to persuade them and not scare them with something that feels so far out of their comfort zone that they reject it.   I caution you with that because trust is hard earned and you want to keep them believing in your choices.

Confidence in your choices is how your clients will have Confidence in your design decisions

5 Tips On Trends 

1) Most of my clients have an expectation of a higher level of style.  They want to have their homes reflect sophistication and a chic lifestyle without being cookie cutter and trendy.  It is an investment they will not consider revisiting for at least 5-10 years (with a small refresh in the middle)

2) Because I know they expect that level of style, I know I can push the boundaries a bit...not too much but enough to make them excited about something they hadn't considered.   I like to take risks that  I know will deliver results.  Most often, that is the item, room, home that they and all of their friends love....then I have that client for life. :)

3) I understand the costs of building or remodeling, furnishings, art, accessories....and I recommend they spend where it counts.  For example, this room in the image above. The light, rug, and furnishings can last for many years and are a good investment.  The blush accents are gorgeous but they may not last as long and that is not a big investment to transition into another color.

4) A painted or wallpapered wall(s) for accent is an easy change. It can be switched out later to reflect an updated look.  

5) By assuring the clients I am working with a strong aesthetic that will last over the years - that is high quality and sophisticated I am able to deliver the surprises along the way that they are able to be comfortable with. It allows me the space to create a bit of fun and drama with color in ways that will not tie them to the look forever.  

Trends Are Good....Trendy Is Not

Trends are exciting and its fun to follow them.  In design, we have to stay ahead of them because budgets for interior furnishings can get high.  A client deserves to receive a finished space that will.."Go the distance" and last for years, be chic and reflect who they are....with a little extra element of surprise they hadn't expected.


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Elizabeth Ribons ASID, CID, NCIDQ