Trending Style: The Appeal Of Live & Work Spaces

The Appeal Of Live/Work/Play 

"I will be right down...." The idea of living above the store or my studio in an urban setting has always appealed to me.  This week - the week of Labor Day, the holiday we take a day to celebrate the labor force that has come before us, I am sharing some examples and favorites of live/ work spaces and looking at what makes the lifestyle appealing.

Mixed use property is not a new idea and was the norm before rapid transportation and the automobile was widely used.  The sprawling highways took people out of the city and into suburban areas.   

  Now, with the growth of technology and how we work today , more and more people are independent contractors, self-employed or are working remotely for a companies.  

Housing trends reflect a move toward Urban living in the Live/Work/Play setting.  Once clocked out or the work day is over, the ease of walking to dinner, the grocery store or meeting with friends provides a sense of community and interaction now not experienced during working hours.  

 Michelle Hoffman

At one time areas that experienced the urban flight are now rapidly changing with new development or renovated industrial buildings now become lofts, creating an urban hub for work, living, and community. 

Susan Fitzgerald Architect

Industrial lofts were appealing in outlying city and town areas to artists and artisans originally, but the lifestyle has spread to many career fields as the working population's needs have changed.

Businesses, salespeople, tech, design, therapists, creative directors, editors, music teachers....entrepreneurs, online merchants.  The list is endless.  More and more are working remotely and seek the lifestyle these closer communities bring.  Add to it not having to drive or commute long distances from job to home.

Studies are showing that 50% of the working population is either moving to this style of living or already have.  

Where there was once a garage, now it becomes a studio or office to meet clients and work.

How does this trend affect interior design?

1) Creating spaces that are efficient and functional not only for living but also for work.

2) Adding unique details that may be removed from a budget in a large residential project.  

3) Using convertible furniture where needed

4) Redefining luxe and lifestyle and ease of use

5) Create  ways to convert  and  change space

Trends in how we live and work directly affect the design and how we deliver it.



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