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Compact Sintered Surfaces and TPT

TPT and Compact Sintered Surfaces were introduced years ago at design shows and is now really gaining momentum in the US market.  As  a designer, I want to be able to :

1) Stay in front of the newest innovations

2) Trust the product  and the  application

3) Know that I will have the finished look that I am specifying to my clients

4) Want ease of use - from beginning to install to care and maintenance

This week, I explored the differences between TPT - Thin Porcelain Tile and Sintered Compact Materials such as Neolith.   Both bring a durability, large use and flexibility, green and sustainable, wide variety of option both in finishes, use and styling.

Porcelain Tile slabs are fantastic and can be used both indoors and out in many applications (imagine a floor spanning an interior and out to the exterior with little to no grout)  The look is clean and modern, sleek and new.  The installer must be well experienced in using this product because of the size, the thinness and that it is porcelain.   While it is strong there can be issues with careful to only use the most experienced and knowledgeable.  Get referrals and see the work first.

I used thin cut natural stone slabs for a project and did an expansive master suite bath.  While the installer was good, he still had a few issues with the edges because the material was cracking and crumbling.  The install was a painstaking process.

At the Dwell on Design LA Show 2017, I further explored Sintered Compact Slabs.  I took a look at Neolith and I have to say, this is the product I will be recommending on my future projects - both residential, commercial and multi-use.  

Solid and strong, and offered in a huge array of options, even book matched - Neolith is ahead of the market in all of the criteria I look for as a designer


Why use this new product? Watch the video link below to better understand. But here are a few points for starters:

 1) Large, strong panels in varying thinness to thickness for multiple use

2) Green and sustainable, there is no maintenance 

3)  Can be used outdoors. Does not have resins that can yellow outdoors - like quartz slabs

4) Large with little to no waste like natural stone

5) Ease of use compared to TPT

Watch the video to see the product.  Consider this for your upcoming projects but again..

Do not use an inexperienced installer.  This product will perform but you cannot have a nightmare on your hands with an installer who has not used this product.  Get references first, see their work....take the time to be sure.  You will not regret it

Watch the Short Neolith Video

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