Time Alone Benefits Everyone

Time Alone Is Necessary 

It is a way to recharge and process.  This quote made me laugh because I am a far better and nicer person when I have had time to be alone....even if it's to relax and do absolutely nothing.

I have had to create those spaces of time for myself because when I am intentional about taking care of myself, I can then focus on doing my best work.

When you have your own business - most often it is a small business at first - and you may not take the necessary time to balance out your work and day.   Nothing is soo incredibly dire that you have to burn yourself out.

Be smart. Take the time and build a self-care routine as soon as you can.  Here are 5 tips on how to do that: 5 Tips To Set A Self Care Routine

The Difference Between Working Alone and Alone Time

Entrepreneurs also have to decide when their day starts and ends.  They are often (in the beginning) working alone.   It is important to schedule in lunches with friends and evenings out, going to the gym and going for hikes or shopping with friends.  You have to schedule in the interface of other people in your life or you will seriously become burnt out and ....dull.

Taking time to simply enjoy life is important.  Entrepreneurs need to be reminded of this and when they do, their work is far better.


Elizabeth Ribons is a creative entrepreneur and designer.  She has owned her own businesses for most of her adult life. She created Better by Design Academy to help support other creative entrepreneurs in their businesses and so they can create successful careers.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID,CID