The Home Office - Transitioning into a Remote Office Space

More and More As the Work Force Changes, People are Working Remotely....The Home Office - Design It

Studies show that many will be working remotely by as early as  2020. I already see the evolution of "outsourced" projects and employees working as independent contractors.  It is not whether or not I like this just most likely will be the norm.

As always, I like to prepare for changes rather than "catch up" or be surprised.  It allows for better positioning and opportunity for more success.  Often the mistake is we do not give much thought to our home office and it usually ends up being a corner in the kitchen, dining room table or extra bedroom. But if we are to be our own contractors - our own brand - doesn't it make sense to treat the workspace as if it were your place of business?

The amount of time spent in that space will be quite a lot.  Think about your mental agility and how it performs best.  Not in a dark cramped space or a temporary space in the middle of everything where tiny hands or pets can disrupt papers, projects, and materials. That creates stress and the clutter weighs heavily on your psyche.

The quality of work you produce will be better if you are thoughtful about making your space - however humble it may be - appealing, organized, uncluttered and functional.

Here are 5 tips:

1) Find an area that you can call your own.  Yes, there may be a sofa bed there but how often do people really come and stay?  Or it may be a convertible space within a room that you can create an office in.  It is important for you to be able to close it off.  For instance, add a barn door system, curtain or screen so whatever you are working on can be left uninterrupted.

2) Try to find a space that is not in the middle of the home leaving you vulnerable to interruptions, accidents, and stress over the clutter of your "mobile office" in the middle of the house

3) There are tax advantages to working from home.  Things such as the internet, phone, a percentage of space being used and possibly improvements.   You would need to check with your accountant to see what applies to your area.

4) Make this space nice.  Give yourself a comfortable and well-designed area.  It doesn't have to be luxe, just thoughtful and organized.  Again, you are spending large amounts of time there and it should appeal to your psyche.  You are your own employer - be good to your employee.

5) End the day intentionally as much as you possibly can and leave the space - just like you would the job.  Straighten the area and prepare for the next day and then....leave it.  The biggest issue of working from home is we can get pulled into that space during the time we should be spending for ourselves and with loved ones.  Make sure you are intentional about the work day and stopping on time.  (Of course, there are deadlines but this is generally stated)

Be Intentional And Plan For Change

If your goal is to eventually work from home.  Start creating that space and be intentional about how you can begin to create your brand and working remotely.  You will be ahead of the trend that is very clearly evolving.

If this was helpful..

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