Success By Design - 5 Ways To Work In Interior Design


Talent and Hard Work Are Needed 

As in most fields, you have a certain skill set and ability you know are valuable. How do you find where you fit best?  There are many who would love to be an interior designer, get the education and then aren't sure which avenue is best for them.  Usually, they need to get to work right away or at least have some projects under their belt so they have experience and a get more work.  Getting a start may  be a little slow Not everyone springs right into a full-service design career right out of school.   Its good to have options and understand business models, other people's paths to success, their story of how they got where they are. You may not follow all that they did but it helps for you to form a plan. 

This blog will continue to share creative career successe stories  and "How they did it" so others can be inspired  about the creative journey.  Building success, one story at a time - this one is especially inspiring: Creating Success by Design

There are plenty of great stories and experiences to learn from. Perhaps you have already explored some of them.  I have provided a few for you to consider and you just never know where they may lead if you just keep doing what  you are good at. 

5 Ways to Work in the interior design field:

1) Those who are in school or getting out of school and haven't had a lot of life experience should look for a position with a company.   It will be regular pay and you will have the opportunity to learn a bit.  You won't learn all the factors of a design business but it provide a a start.   These could be design firms, architectural firms or retail stores that offer design services.  It is understandable that these companies will have you sign a non-compete agreement and  you will need to review what you are signing.  But the upside is the regular pay and dependability of the job vs. going out on your own. Usually, I recommend this for people who need to meet their basic bills.  Be patient, you will get there OR you may love the ease of not being the boss and work your way into a management positon.

2) Work with a contractor who is a design & build firm.  You may learn far more than you realize in building, millwork, drafting, finishes and much more.  This could be a great start and you could work into a nice position or into your own business. 

3) Work with a stager or a real estate developer who buys speculative properties.  You can specify concepts and finishes, oversee the design and build out portion of that or just consult.  A stager would want your good taste and eye to set up beautiful spaces and select objects that are tasteful.

4) If  you already have a bit of design business experience and got into design - which many have done this- than work to build that business.  Maybe create an online presence and small business to establish your brand.  Sell products online and continue to post your completed projects to grow your business..

5) Open a store front - but not until you are truly ready to take on the responsibility.  This takes business know how and life experience.  Start small with projects you can manage and be successful at.  Learn what you need to and build your business. You  can create a store front where people come in and ask for your design services.  Brick and mortar are not as popular but I do believe interior design is the one thing that still gets them into the store.  


There are always options

I have heard so many stories about careers that have been successful just because that person stayed consistent and continued to think out of the box.  Stay creative not only in your work but how you approach your career.  You will be able to shape it and create the lifestyle you envision.

Its important to just get a start  and there are things you can do this link for a ID Biz Boostfree  and receive a  plan and good tips to help launch you into your career right now.  It works....create something that is all your own.


Encouraging others to seek out their career in design and to mentor them into business is what Better by Design is about.  Getting the tools to run a successful business so you can continue to develop your career and design.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID,CID - Successful creative entrepreneur and online mentor