Strategy - Feeling Stuck? Tips To Overcome Blocks

Sometimes I Get So Focused On The Goal

Deadlines, gets me focused on the goal. It is then when I catch myself "pushing"  (which never works) and I need to change my perspective.

Nothing ever works out when it's forced whether its creatively, in relationships, or in business the goal gets lost.  Try to force a two-year-old to do something.....It is best to change the perspective. ....It just works in many instances.

The world is so fast paced and its easy to get caught up in it.   But allowing the time you need to pause and get a fresh perspective could save you time AND money.  (less mistakes)

As a woman and entrepreneur I had to learn this trait.  I would naturally want to deliver my best and pushed myself to do so. As a designer, I wanted to make sure my clients were happy.  I think most of us do that at an early age if we are ambitious.  But I looked around and found people who had achieved a lot in their lives - incredibly they weren't not so stressed out.  

It became clear that I needed good boundaries for myself as an entrepreneur.  I needed to make sure I was not agreeing to too much too soon.  I would give myself "buffers" of time for deadlines.  I would require better communication and make sure my clients understand what to expect.  If I was finished sooner.....I would be even better for it.  But I gave myself a break.

A funny thing happens when you do that.  The tides change.  Have ever noticed??  

I remember when I was a young mom and was getting back into working....very carefully and not taking on too many projects.  All I had to do was not be available and it seemed everyone wanted to have me design - not a bedroom - but a total huge remodel.  

It is funny how life works and at the end of the day you just have to treat yourself well so what you produce is your best.   Does that sound selfish?  Perhaps but there is a difference between self care and being selfish.  

Usually, entrepreneurs think of themselves......last.  Your best work will come when you start with being reasonable about your limitations and requiring others to respect that.

TRY IT! It will surprise you how the tables turn and you get great rewards for taking good care of yourself.

Elizabeth Ribons is a creative entrepreneur and designer.  In business for most of her adult life, she has successfully designed a career for herself.  She created Better by Design Academy to support others who are creative and want to learn how to design a career from their talents.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID,CID