Strategy - Embrace Change To Stay Strong In Business

Change isn't comfortable but adapting is key

As an entrepreneur, I have always had to stay in front of the "curve" and watch trends.  This week was all about trends in the market and design.  I visited the Dwell on Design LA Show and found plenty of new innovations that piqued my interest.  

It is my job to research these products, make sure they are viable and then introduce them to my clients.  As a designer, I am often having to assist my clients with change.  They want a new residence or remodel and while they know its what they want, going outside of their comfort zone just isn't what they are used to doing.   I am thoughtful about this but at the same time resolute on getting them to that desired goal of change.

It is a mystery how we all push back at change when in reality, change can bring us new opportunities that we had not considered before.  Yes, there is loss but there is also gain...and many fail to see that side of it and sadly get stuck.  Many businesses are lost because they refused to "change with the times".  Keeping an old recipe is a good idea but adopting new ways to market that recipe is essential.  THAT is the difference.

Do not lose sight of your brand or goal or what you truly deliver as a business but be open to new markets, trends, ways of connecting and how things are delivered.

Getting fearful is normal but taking small measures to be aware of what is new and happening is key to business survival.  Take what "always has worked" and transition it to the next trend without losing what is unique about your business.

Staying in front of trends and open to change allows you to switch gears see where your product or service is best delivered you can remain relevant and strong in your business.

A change could mean further reach, connecting more and in that growing your business.

Embrace the changes in the market and world.  See where your skills and product is or will be  needed and stay flexible and adaptable.  


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Elizabeth Ribons, ASID,CID