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Smart Home - Smart Designer...Tips from an Expert

Its with rapid advancement that homes are becoming more and more tech centered.  And...with that the rules and details change frequently.   It is highly recommended to establish a good relationship with a reputable in home automation specialist who can help your clients with needs for now and the future.

As for a designer, it is critical to know what is new and most requested.  Do a bit of homework.  Often Wilshire Home Theatre - my source - has events to network and educate its trade agents such as designers, architects, and builders.  I highly recommend you attend these and get information.  

It is not possible to absorb all of the information about this very fast moving and changing industry but get familiar with terms, new technology and what is the newest.

Mike McMaster is the principal of Wilshire Home Systems and has worked with me on projects to accommodate my most discerning clients.

Here are five tips he recommends for designers:

Technology can look good. 

Speakers are getting smaller, keypads are cleaner, and televisions can look like artwork.  Embrace some of the newer product to compliment a design rather that assume it will detract. 

Make some space. 

Electronics can take some space.  They need power, ventilation, and accessibility to service.  Racks, motorized shades, may need anywhere from a few feet or a small room to accommodate everything. 

Theater Do’ s and Don’ts. 

A theater is about the most complicated room to design.  Here are a couple questions we get all the time;  Can I just use a large TV in a theater instead of a projector? Answer:  Not recommended as most TVs will be too small, and too bright.  Can I treat the walls with my own fabric for the acoustics?  Yes on the fabric, no on the acoustics.  A padded wall will only handle 1 of 3 problems that acoustics address.  There are other materials and some engineering needed to place those behind your fabric.

You don’t know what you don’t know.  

Engage a professional in home technology as early as possible in the process.  A good partnership will allow you to meet with your client (& your new found tech partner) shows you partner with specialists when needed.  

For list of electronics system contractors in your area, visit www. 

Mike McMaster is the president of Wilshire Media Systems serving southern California.  He can be reached at [email protected]

 These are terrific tips and there are many variables involved but its important to start with an expert from the start.  Experts are an extension of your team.

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