Reaching Goals By Design


A Rooftop Business Lunch

Sitting on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles made me think about setting business goals and reaching them.  Let me tell you when I got started designing interiors, my biggest goal was to simply create beautiful homes. 

After I gained some experience and got traction on my process - how I work - I then began to develop my goals.  

My business grew and what I liked best was I could decide how much work I wanted to take on.  I had very small children and they came first.  I stayed busy but was able to balance it with my personal life and that made me happiest.

The business grew and so did the projects.  The budgets got bigger and I was doing almost all custom....even lighting.   Did I plan for that?  No, but I planned each year and continue to but it's a simpler framework.

Here are some easy tips that I kept close:

1) Clear definition of what my firm does, who my customer is,  what I do best and how I can best deliver it.  It seems like that wouldn't change but c'mon....change is the ONLY thing we can be sure of.  Reevaluate your business model, your customer and see where it needs updating and adjusting. 

2) I have my business protocol and follow it consistently. That sets me up for success, successful projects, and happy clients.  Develop this early. Start small so it becomes second nature.  Set your protocol up with The Project Series

3) I keep growth in mind but for me,  I want to make sure it is not compromising my lifestyle.  Not everyone is like that but I have to set my goals for what works best for me.   I used to get so busy and exhausted.  It's difficult because designing is alluring.  Someone can call with a project I don't want to pass up because I know I can make it fantastic....Then I have to figure out how to fit it in.  In fact, in the early days...I had people wait for me.  But it became clear, if I was to survive I had to get very good at delegating and outsourcing

4) Stay connected with sources, trades, shows and networking.  A business is layers.  You are the principal but without the support from resources,  continuing to gain knowledge, surrounding yourself with experienced people and the networking you can quickly lose your momentum and relevance.  It trickles down from the top....stay informed.Networking Is Key  and follow our design tips blogs to keep "in the know".

5) Its great to be able to create....but we all have to eat.  Making sure my business is profitable is a challenge.  I have to continue to stay close to the numbers, watching payables/receivables and how to best deliver a good product and still make a good profit.  (Coming soon - ID Biz Plan - Numbers you can count on)

Not Your Typical Business Plan

This isn't a "typical" business plan and I didn't dial it down and include all of the details but this is a really good start.  Better by Design can get you through the process of setting up your business, launching it, setting your protocol ....step by step.  Elizabeth Ribons -Better by Design is your virtual business partner & mentor so you can be creative and profitable.


If this has been helpful, follow the Friday 5 - bullet point tips and valuable information on the business of interior design.  If you are wanting to own your own design business or want to learn more about how to be an interior designer be sure to follow.  You will get guidance, knowledge....and extra perks :)