My La Cienaga Design Quarter 2017 Experience

Hollywood at Home


This is An Absolutely Delicious Event

This event has brought new life to the La Cienaga design area.  Located close to the Pacific Design Center in the desirable and hip West LA area, the Lcdqla just celebrated its 9th year!

Each year gets even more exciting because of the talent, inspiration, showroom and the panelists!!  This is the design community at its best all set in the beautiful Southern California location.

Melrose Ave crosses La Cienaga. The windows and showrooms revealing designer eye candy are endless.  This real estate for showrooms is huge and in the past years many of the most distinguished showrooms have taken notice, claimed their space carved a reputation as the hallmark of style and design.

This year, the show was quintessentially Cali with lots of style, distinction and color. What I enjoyed swas:

1) Curated.  Items that are one of a kind from local artisans, hand made wall papers, textiles that were divine, all items that are not purchased in catalogs and easily acquired.

2) Pattern on pattern.  Hollywood At Home pulls off this look effortlessly with gorgeous textiles and designs accompanied by beautiful furnishings.  Harbinger always makes my jaw drop...going beyond and doing it all so well.

3) Mix of organic and brass.  A lot of shine but subdued by organic elements which is signature LA.   Think elegant Malibu

4) Color -Thank YOU!!  I personally love color and am lucky to have clients that aren't afraid of color.  White is bright and reflects the SoCal sunlight and airy feel. It's a great current and has its place but sometimes you want to let in the unexpected and curate a lively setting.  It the person who is willing to take a risk but will be glad they did.

5) I have watched this event grow each year and feel that it can only get better.  West LA has established itself as one of the world's design capitals with a city full of great style, talent and a vision all its own.


As a designer, it is never a waste of time to be a part of these events....You will walk away with more inspiration, sources, and knowledge that you can bring to your clients.  That, in turn, develops your business.


Sources are invaluable to designers.  Getting support from experience is also invaluable.  How to be an interior designer? How to run the business of interior design?  Small steps

Get guidance through the Friday 5, and a business journey boost.  

Journey Boost and Friday 5

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID, NCIDQ