Lake Sherwood Remodel - The Master Suite Transformation


Part 1: A bit of history.....

Lake Sherwood is a beautiful location in California with many unique properties.  This particular property was an original structure dating back to the 50's when Lake Sherwood was considered a weekend get away spot for fishing.  It has grown to become quite an elegant location with the golf course and country club; hosting  Tiger Wood's Golf Tournaments in the past and more.  This property was acquired by my client who already lives in the area and wanted a space for friends and family to come and stay for extended periods of time.  

The house was very outdated and needed retrofitting, design and remodeling - inside and out.  Then it would need finishes, furniture, lighting and outfitted for turn key guests. It was a large project.  

The client wanted to keep a lot of the original charm of the property (rustic while providing a higher level of luxury and relaxed surroundings.  This property needed to comfortably accomodate as many as 8 guests at a time.  

With unobstructed views of the lake all along the back of the house and a large lot....this was a fabulous property and project.    This house had 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and no real master suite. Beyond the entry, there was a den/library with a fireplace.  Behind that fireplace was the small green bedroom and tiny bathroom.  

How I got the project

The client had done his research on my firm and knew this project was a good fit.  He was adamant about the original style of the house, needed  few ideas and basically wanted to feel confident I could deliver. He interviewed others and decided to go with my firm.  He also mentioned he was extremely particular about details.  I caught that- but have had clients who are super particular about all of the details- I expressed I am comfortable with that  and we decided to continue.  I detail in my online programs ways to make sure you really take care of your client and your business to avoid problems, issues and unhappy clients

 The Master Suite

A Master Suite was created by closing up the den doorway from the main space and assigning a seperate entrance.  I opened up the wall between the green bedroom and the den and created a master bathroom.  Limestone throughout, large shower with bench,custom vanity,quartz counters (movable mirrors came later - after photo shoot) paneled tub, upscale fixtures, his and her custom designed closets. This was luxury.


Ready for guests..

The bedroom was paneled in pine and the beams were kept  as a nod to past design of the space. The paneling was finished with a greige wash - hard to see in the images but looked great with the grey wash wide plank oak flooring.  Fireplace was washed with a custom color and a custom fireplace screen was created.  Sitting area with swivel chairs to enjoy the view or tv.  This space was a retreat and renewed to accomodate guests.

Each detail was considered and met with thoughtful conclusions.  This was a client who couldn't be rushed but at the same time, I knew there was a deadline that had to be met.  I found the balance of working with this client.  I provided the space to explore the process while eliminating unneccessary concerns.  Stayiing on point and keepiing the focus was key.  If his guests arrived before we were would be bad for my business.  Tight rope diplomacy and good boundaries are key.  I forged a good relationship with this client.  One of mutual respect.


 Images by Joan Pahoyo Photography

A Restful Get Away..

This project answered the clients requirements of keeping that rustic lake house look while appointing the space with upscale finishes....and accomodating many guests.  

Keep following the Lake Sherwood blog as I continue to share the details of this remodel.   Much more to see!!

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID

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