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Travel for Interior Design Projects

Its exciting to travel to  another location for a client.   What it says is the client has faith in your ability to provide the best result and its worth the investment of sending you to another location to design and install a project.

I have been fortunate to travel for clients multiple residensces and also for speculative development. While I have said that each project is different and all aspects and the scope need to be considered when providing a proposal and contract; the protocol stays the same.   I go into depth on rates in my online courses and its a good idea to really be clear on what you charge and why.  

But for now, I want to map out how I am compensated for a project that includes travel.  The protocol does not change,the application of the rates do for either project

Arriving at the rates and fees

Often, I travel to a clients property fully prepared on the project and time spent at the project is short - compar\itvely to the amount of studio/office time for resourcing& planning the project.

I typically charge a "day rate" for my time at the property and for travel. 

How I arrive at a rate..

I don't imagine it is fair to charge my client for 24hour days as I am also getting a nice hotel, rental car and airfare in the mix.   I want it to make sense as additional monies will be spent for planning and resourcing items.

Perhaps the project will require that I am  there to coordinate an installation and all of the project management time will be billed as well.   With all these costs and the fact that I am also making additional fees on the project, I  calculate my regular hourly rate at 8 hours per day and set that as the proposed rate.

I have it clearly delineated in the agreement and take a deposit  for a large portion of the time and planning spent.  

Lastly, most often clients make sure that my accomodations are acceptable and comfortable.   But I do review with them to make sure the accomodations are located within an easy distance of the property and are good.   

I haven't had too many issues with the level of accomodations but the location is really important as I am non-stop busy the minute I arrive to ensure I get optimum use of the time spent in the location.  If I am spending a lot of time in ttaffic or transit, I am not putting to use the valuable time I am there.


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