Inspiration - Keep It Close

Creatives Do What They Do Best

When they keep the inspiration fluid and available around them.  I went to an architects studio this week in Malibu, CA.  It was at a house he was using as an office.  The views were breath taking and he had created a fantastic space to work in and to meet clients.

I have also worked in large loft/warehouse type spaces where thought is given to keepiing the space inspiring.

In your own it ever so humble, be thoughtful about presenting inspiration to yourself.  We draw our creativity from others.  That does not mean we copy their work but certainly if something about it just speaks to know you are headed in the right direction.

Often, I create boards for the projects I am working on.  I may have a project out of state and the environment will be different.  I like to keep elements of that area and what appealed to me there in view so I can imagine and create what works best there.

We are all busy but taking time to do this is key.  It is a nice thing to do yes, but it is also pretty important to keep images around you to feed your creative spirit.

Use images, fabrics, trims, jewelry, art, things from all comes together in your manner of speaking.  That is your design and your creativity that you present to the world.

Weekend Project:

Get a tack board and cover it if you would like to with fabric.  Use a staple gun to affix it to the back.  Add a picture hanger or two - depending on size.  Or just pick up a tack board from a store of your choice.

Start adding images you have been keeping in folders, fabrics you just cant let go of, items you love because....they speak to you.

It doesn't have to be just needs to relate to you.  Refresh as needed and keep it going.


Elizabeth is a creative entrepreneur, designer and mentor.  She has created businesses and helped others to transition into their own businesses throughout her career.  Follow her on Instagram and Facebook under Better by Design Academy

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID