Home Office - Set The Intention

Setting the Intention

It could be the humblest of spaces .....but it sets a tone, an intention.   You are creating something for yourself and delivering what it is you do best.  Develop the space to enhance your ability to apply all of your talents and your best skills.

Home offices are becoming more and more common as the workforce is changing.  Read my blog on the trends and how to design it: Transitioning into a Remote Workspace and get 5 tips.

But this blog is to encourage you to set your intention.  To make the statement to yourself and the world that the business is for real.

My friend recently converted her dining room into an office.  Its gorgeous and looks very much like the image above.  She found that everyone meets in the kitchen and no one used the dining room....almost never.  

She kept a large table and then created her office around it.  The large table gives her plenty of room to work and can become an extra table for those once or twice a year gatherings.

She is happy because it is a much better use of space and she loves the location.  She added french doors to close it off when needed and it definitely is a beautiful addition to her home.

Making the move to creating a "real " space doesn't have to be expensive.  One of my first home offices had an interior door (painted of course) on four "drawer stacks" and I styled the space to inspire and reflect my work.

Setting the tone and intention of a place for you to conduct business is key.  Of course, you can sit in your kitchen with your laptop but at some point, you have to commit to a space of your own and by doing that....commit to growing a business.

Weekend Project:

That desk - be it a large table, or a door on top of cubbies and begin to set  your intention

Create your inspiration boards, add elements that you love and make it all your own.


"Starting a business can be daunting..."

Said by one of my mentee's but if you are given steps and guidance it is very attainable.  If you are already being asked to deliver your talents through design or a creative product - you are already there.  Be sure to run the business side of it so it can be in fact....a business.

Elizabeth has been a creative entrepreneur for most of her life.  She has owned and continues to operate design businesses.  She launched Better By Design Academy as a resource for others to get past the "daunting" steps of launching their own businesses, provide support and help build businesses of their own.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID