Friday Five - March 17


The Friday Five - March 17

An Overview of this Weeks Posts 


Design trip to Dallas, exploring what is chic, cool and trending.  Resources and areas that are worthy of real shopping experiences.  How this city is rapidly growing and the culture there. Read more :  .Dallas NOW     


Artists and Artisans.  Each week I feature trades,vendors, curators, artists and artisans.  It is their incredible work that allows me to deliver a higher level of design. Each item has a story.  This week I showcased two artists.  Read more: Artists and their stories

Interior Design Projects and Travel Its exciting to travel to cities and locatons for design projects but it takes a lot of planning and organizing.  In this short blog I also share how I negotiate my rates and provide tips that help to maximize the time you are at the location.  Read more: Interior Design - Travel to Projects

She .....Repurpose, reinvent, reimagine, REALIZED.  This was as simple post to give some thought to how we can throughout our careers continue to reimagine and realize our talents.   What are your 5 strenghts? Talents?  By knowing those you can continue to reinvent your career.

Work life balance and the importance of having a self care plan and sticking to it.  Next week I will write more on this topic.

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Elizabeth Ribons