Friday 5 - Park City


Friday 5 - Park City



The week started with a getaway to Park City, Utah.  While visiting friends and enjoying the gorgeous scenery, I did take some time to stop into the upscale luxury boutique hotel: Washington School House.  It has been remodeled in recent years and was stunning. I am loving all of the retrofitted and restored old buildings being used for boutique hotels.

 I posted plenty of pics and videos on social media of the area, hotels, local culture and finds.   I could never get enough of looking out at the beautiful mountains.  Inspiration was everywhere.  The beautiful Sundance Resort had a gallery with fine and functional art (I posted on social media). Of course, I had to stop into the famed Sundance store.  It is also a terrific online resource for Navajo blankets, sumptuous sweaters, beautiful rugs - all in that rustic Southwest style.



This trade Tuesday I showcased fabric purveyor and showroom owner, Clifton Schmidt of Designers Axess.  With so many options out there, it is good to have a resource that

1) Carries the newest and greatest

2) Knowledgeable about current trends, fabrics and can quickly assist me in finding exactly what I need.

Time is my most valuable commodity and Clif surely doesn't waste it.  I HIGHLY recommend this read as he offers 5 valuable tips to designers specifying and purchasing fabrics for interiors.  Click to read DESIGN IS COLLABORATION





Being an entrepreneur is fantastic when you get to see your dreams become reality.  It can also be exhausting and sometimes discouraging.  Often, entrepreneurs - especially creative entrepreneurs - experience burn out.

I certainly have a few times over.  I had to come up with a better way to approach each day so I could enjoy success AND enjoy my life.   In this post, I share 5 tips I practice daily to manage my workload, stress and life for a positive result.

Click to read more: RISE AND SHINE



I have been noticing in the cities that I am visiting more and more boutique hotels in renovated older buildings and offer an upscale, hip feel.  I know this has been a trend for awhile but it seems that the success of Airbnb has created a trend in "homey" hotels. Currently, I am working on a project named the Hollywood Regency project where guests will enjoy gracious accommodations with an "Old Hollywood" appeal.   Lots of black and white and details such as the image above are being used. I will continue to share in my social media posts as the property unfolds.  Target completion date is mid-April.  I will keep you posted.  

On a business note.  I took a very small consult job with a woman and her husband liked my work. He is a real estate investor.  I have been consulting on many of his projects.  My point:  You never know what a small job can lead to........




There are the 7 elements of Interior Design that is taught in school.  I have adopted my own set of tools to quickly balance a space.   I share these tips in this blog and also  about the importance of being able to define my choices to my client which develops trust . Click to read: 5 TIPS TO BALANCE A ROOM


That is the Friday 5!! Lots of good tips for lifestyle, business and design.  Enoy! Go have a great weekend- Better by Design It -and join me on Facebook or Instagram.  Just search BetterbyDesignAcademy

Go have a great weekend- Better by Design It -and join me on Facebook or Instagram.  Just search BetterbyDesignAcademy

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