Dwell on Design LA 2017

Inspiration, Innovation, and New Resources 

As a designer and entrepreneur,  it is important for my business that I stay ahead of the market and trends.  This week was all about trends in the market as the Dwell on Design Los Angeles show kicked off another great year in Arch, Sustainability, great resources and design innovations.

I found plenty of great resources new types of tile, building and decking materials that are green and innovative, extended lines of interior finishes such as laminates that look like zinc or copper....imagine a backsplash in an office break room with a cool metallic and textured laminate?  Easy to install, not expensive and YOU become the hero.  That's a Win Win Win

More and more lines are looking to streamline and make their products meet trends and keep them easy to access and install.  All of those properties helps me to be better at what I do. I invest in my business when I am able to deliver to my clients the unexpected and "new" so that the installations and remodels I create for them last over the years and stay current.

The Dwell on Design Show not only keeps us current on trends but also connecting with artisans.  They travel to shows such as this to get their unique product out there.  I saw a lot of really creative lighting and glass works, woodworking, and furniture.....that honestly I would not know about if I did not take the time to go to design shows.

Lastly, I meet the people.  I connect and learn from them about their products.  When I am ready to specify their product line in a project I am doing....I can say "I met you at Dwell on Design in LA" immediately, you feel a bit of a repore and connection.

Business is busy but I make time for this AND I meet incredible people.  In fact, I ran into people that I knew and that is becaiuse I make sure I network and "show up" to things that may seem like a chore.  But as a  business owner......I get a great return on my investment.

Design is exciting and I never get bored with what new ideas and innovations are being introduced.   If you are launching  your own design business or want to learn about becoming an interior designer or about the interior design business, continue to follow this blog  and Elizabeth Ribons   Elizabeth has over 20 years experience as a creative entrepreneur and and mentor.  Stay current with great info and opportunities by connecting with the Friday 5


Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID, Creative Entrepreneur