Designing Your Life - It Takes Planning

Your Best Life Is Waiting....It Is By Design

Goals...Yes.  But this is more.  Right out of college many of us just need to be employed and that is to be expected.  A handful might imagine being their own boss at some point but times are changing and the traditional job and consistent employment are not what it used to be.

Add to it, our lives change.  We want more time to pursue our interests, raise a family and develop our lives as we envision them. That is not to say hard work isn't in the mix but it is more intentional and planned.

During the employment years, it is imperative to get really clear on your "wins".   The gifts you uniquely have and continue to apply and are successful at.  It is those developed talents that you will continue to grow and leverage as you transition into your own business.

For instance.  You want to own your own design business.  You may work within a company but also help friends and family out and start to develop a business of your own.  

From there, you can begin to a strong business and eventually transition over to creating your own firm and designing as a career.    It takes work but you can do it.  Here is a great plan of action that you can download for free: ID Biz Boost 

This same plan can apply to many careers.  Get started and take action.  Begin to build your brand and visibility.  Document your "wins" so you can show others what you can deliver

1)Understand your marketable skills that you are terrific at. You are needed.

2) Get started and take action.  Set up your business - however humble(Setting up your protocol is key and my programs help with this)

3) Begin to build your brand and visibility.  (Social media, networking, etc)

4) Document your "wins" so you can show others what you can deliver. (Show them what you are doing.  Put a story to it:" This was challenging because....and I answered the challenge by.."

5) Be patient.  Keep at it and get started early so you can have the lifestyle you envision.

If this was helpful...

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Elizabeth is a creative entrepreneur who has sponsored many into their own businesses.  Better by Design Academy provides guidance and online course to follow on your time when you are able to view them.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID