Designing For Marital Bliss - Overcoming The Ugly Chair

Designing A Work Around To Keep The Peace

Designers wear many hats.  One of them is to work with couples in their homes to help them create their "dream" home.  Typically they will undoubtedly have varying tastes along with differing criteria for how they want to live.  

One of the biggest points of contention is the "comfortable" seating he wants and the "stylish, chic" seating she wants.   I, of course, want the room to work best for both and I am left figuring out the "work around".   

I have been doing this long enough to where I know what is available and how to present it to both of the clients so it's a win for each of them.   

Stylish, high-quality chairs are just takes a bit of knowledge and an ability to convince the user (usually the husband) that he will like it.  If they are carrying around an image of an awful overstuffed recliner....good luck.  But it is all in how you present it AND be sure the chair you are recommending is in fact, comfortable.

Here Are Five Options

There are so many options available but I will leave the digging up to you.  I know for a fact these selections (most of them)  stand up to a lot of use and have a classic appeal - which lasts for years.

Listed highest price to lowest price.

1) The Eames Chair and Ottoman.  The licensed manufacturer supplies very high quality.  This will last and be a timeless piece.  I cannot provide an opinion about the knock-offs


2)Milo Baughman Chair #3418 and Ottoman - Currently manufactured through RH Modern, this is a classic piece that will stand the test of time

3) The Ella Recliner From American Leather - Very high quality and quite comfortable a variety of leathers/colors to choose from....And it swivels (Yes I have had those requests - especially with a view and a tv in the same space but opposite directions)


4) Lee Industries - Relaxor Swivel.  High Quality, different fabrics and leathers to choose from, swivels and reclines.   A more transitional look

5) West Elm -Sedgwick recliner - A transitional/modern look on a smaller budget.  This is a great way to settle the "recliner" issue and still have a hip and stylish first home or apartment.

The top of the page: Conran Furniture

Again, there are many options to choose from and I have specified several in the past and continue to.  The above are "go-to's" for quality, performance and addressing everyone's issues (mine included because I do not want an ugly chair in the middle of a room I have designed)  Win Win Win :)


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Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID, NCIDQ