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Relying on Others

As a designer, I need to know the people I rely on are experts and are knowledgeable about their products and services.  If I decide to use them in a project, I have already vetted them out and will not risk poor quality,  product and service issues, and overall problems.....In the end, the trades directly reflect on me and my business and how I get repeat business.

Needless to say, it is risky to hand over work to trades people but in the same breath...I can't do what I do without them.  It's best to be sure you know what you are doing and who you choose to represent your work.  

I surround myself with experts

It is vital to know where my time and energy is best used and where I can utilize the expertise of others to add value to my business.  I have been an interior designer for over 20 years and while I am aware of how to measure and design draperies - do I want to spend valuable time doing that?  No, I leave the real work to the experts.

I have been working with Julie and Matt Gerns with Powers Interiors for many years.  I completely trust their expertise, knowledge, ability to work with my clients and they DELIVER the quality my clients expect - both in service and in the product.  

I learned early on in my career that I make FAR MORE money allowing others to do what they do best so I am free to do what I do best.   I delegate the work to the people who are the experts.  

A veteran in the business and a real pro -Julie Gerns with Powers Interiors Services provides 5 Valuable Tips every designer should know. 

Five Important Tips For Window Treatments

1 - Plan for window treatments in your budget
As a rule, $500 - $1,000 per window gives you a nice price range for treatments from wood blinds to custom drapery on decorative hardware. Window treatments are one of the most important items for function and comfort for a home, as well as a decor feature that warms, adds height and style.
Unfortunately, they are often left until last and are missing from many homes due to budget limitations. Make them important from the beginning. Your clients will thank you and your projects will feel complete.

2 - Layering for function and design
In some areas adding stationary panels over shutters or shades may really give the room a finished elegance. Color and pattern add so much to the decor.  Sometimes the functioning treatment can seem cold and unfinished without a fabric treatment. It's these window details that add polish and style.

3 - Your fabric choice is important for so many reasons
We select fabric for color and pattern but it is also important to look at content and hand. Fabrics that are too stiff will not pleat and dress well for draperies. Often 100% linen will keep wrinkles and creases and even stretch and 100% silk will often fade and shred over time. Look for softer blended fabrics. New generations of 100% polyester can look just like linen or silk. Most importantly the price per yard is a factor as draperies require a lot of yardage to look full and luxurious.

4 - Trust and use your Custom Window Treatment specialist as the experts
They know what details need to be addressed and decided on. Have them join design discussions and review fabrics and other selections for possible problems. They have the experience and know what can and will go wrong on a project. They also know the latest products available. Make them a valuable part of your team.

5 - Never include the installation on your invoice
Your client should be paying the installer directly. If this is part of your invoice, you are taking on a responsibility and liability that is too great. It isn't worth the risk and your clients will appreciate the direct relationship should they need repairs in the future.

Powers Interiors Services is a full service Drapery and Bedding studio. consultationtation to fabrictionand installation.  They always deliver the best.

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