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Furnishing A Project Completely in Four Weeks

It seems like it should be an easy task but those of us who have done it....know better!

I have had many clients who want to get their house furnished quickly.  It may be a second home or a spec home and they want it   However, they also are particular about what they want.  How do you find the solution so you deliver and they are happy?

Five Tips On Delivering A Furnished House ....FAST

1) When you meet with them, move the process along briskly.  Get your agreement signed and the momentum going right out of the gate.  Hear what they want and also advise them that you will find "What is available to be shipped immediately"  Custom items cannot be considered.  However, draperies are something that can come a bit later if necessary...but I have also gotten in under the door with the "whole house" on a deadline.  It is challenging.

2) By the time you pull together a presentation and samples a week may have already passed.  Make sure you are right on with the presentation.  Know the price of each item, that it is in stock, have swatches ready, space planning done, dimensions and second/third options tucked away in case they just can't stand something.

3) Usually, stocked items are transitional and neutral in color.    Let clients know that the accents bring in the color via window treatments, art, and accessories will add dimension and interest.  You will create a welcoming, sophisticated space for them.

4) If they are indecisive, be sure to explain your decisions.  Many clients do not realize how many chairs you have sifted through until you found the right size, color, style and that it is in stock from a reputable vendor.  Explain your decisions and why you made the selections you did.  Often that helps them to understand and feel confident with the end result.

5) Often, the purchases you make will have to be with a retailer who manufactures their own products.  They typically stock merchandise.  Those stores have designers already and often if you have your client going into the store without you, you run the risk of someone at the store taking over your project.  Be careful.  Arrange terms with the client that work for everyone.  You may have to work on a lesser percentage but then adjust your hourly to make sure you are compensated.  

The ID Biz programs address this more in depth and help you to make sure you have confidence in your rates, get compensated and deliver a project your client is happy with.

**Very Important.  Go with trusted vendors that actually do deliver on time.  If you make promises to your client and the project is will reflect on you.  

If this was helpful...

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Elizabeth Ribons ASID, CID is a creative entrepreneur - owning her own design firm and businesses for over 20 years.  Learn from experience