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Ceiling Details Are Often Considered Last

When building a new property, architects will always bring in the design of a ceiling...they understand the importance.   Ceilings in the home are what the sky is to us outside.   A canopy that we know is there but often it gets ignored during the design phase.  And architects will agree, clients are quick to delete it from the plans. Why?  

Clients have difficulty understanding the importance of the detail and enhancement a designed ceiling can add.  The extra cost quickly gets redlined as they look at all of the costs and the budget...It is our job as designers to create the vision, communicate the experience, persuade them to see it and know that it will immediately create a fantastic element to their property and add immediate value.

For instance, soaring ceilings alone are very dramatic.  Now add moldings, coffers, fretwork, tresses or beams.  Paint it, gold leaf it or illuminate it with a hidden soffit light.  Add skylights, pitch the ceiling and you have redefined the entire space.  It is a very strong detail that often is overlooked and I hope  in this article to help persuade you or help you persuade your client, spouse or business partner to envision the drama and beauty of detailed ceilings.  

Take a look at some of these current favorites, get inspired and then read the 

5 Reasons Why  Beautiful Ceilings Matter

Via Casa Luxo

Design Within Reach

If you are lucky enough to be in a property with existing architectural details, hire a designer or if you're a designer, do your best to incorporate this special detail.  Bring a new life to it and create even more value

Delaise Gulf Estate

Arcanum Architecture

Shawn Evans via Home and Design

Design: Nancy Galasso/Richard Carrone

TruexCullins Architects

Tempted? Inspired?  Here are 5 Reasons to have detailed ceilings

1) The obvious is that it finishes out the design.  

2) It defines a certain space and gives panache, style and demands is thoughtful and will never become past time.

3) Adds value to the property.  If you're in the planning and building stage....that's the best time to add details.  Also, with today's styrofoam beams, coffers, less expensive than you think.  

4) Skylight? Atrium?  or even a Solatube....flushing a room with natural light from above is a feature that adds value to daily living.  It should most definitely be considered whenever possible.  I have used Solatubes in small areas without windows and it completely changes everything.  Note: Be sure to add only when the roofing material is being replaced. It is hard to get a good seal around the window with an existing roof....the risk is up to you.

5) Whenever you read about the added simple details of a property for sale...moldings, soaring ceilings, skylights...all of those are included  into the definition as an added plus.  Even paint can make a difference, a few faux beams and voila....I cannot express enough how important it is.  It's like the finishing architectural detail that MAKES the room.  Don't miss the opportunity to make your clients fall in love with their home by adding this valuable but overlooked detail.  You will be the long remember....and referred hero!

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Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID and Creative Entrepreneur