Day in the Life - She loves Pink


It Began with Fabric. Doesn't it Always?

Throughout my interior design career, I have designed many properties using colors ranging from nuetrals to brights.  It really depends on the client and what they ultimately envision for their space.  And we make it a reality :)

This client has fabulous taste and a real eye for deisgn. But she is a CFO at a large company and needed our help to make it happen.

She had been collecting samples of fabrics and wanted to pull together a sophisticated look while introducing new and unexpected colors.  It is always exciting to work with a client with extraordinary taste because it allows me a larger area to work within and to introduce colors and combinations that aren't commonly seen.  Great for photos and just plain fun.

After the initial consult I knew exactly what needed to be done.  We pulled together fabric samples to group and enhance the color pink.

She has a classic modern style and wanted to ground the space with a few classic pieces and use modern fabrics and styling.

We came together on the looks and then the planning started.

She had great pieces already.  A Ralph Lauren coffee table, Louis ottomans and a zebra rug. We had a white sofa custom made and added throw pillows from the Schumacher Mary MacDonald collection.

The pink on the chairs was from Kravet. The ottomans and few and the stacking tables were finished in an antique gold. Not too fussy but it needed to balance out the boldness of the pink and the zebra.

This room ended up looking fantastic.  

But it wasn't so easy.  

The stools needed to be upholstered and the wood finished in antique gold. We went to her upholsterer (not a good idea, I prefer to use my tradespeople but I agreed) He had a finisher he wanted to use. The design process is the same. As usual, he provided a sample that the client and I approved.  But when he finished the stools, they looked awful.  Nothing like the sample. Needless to say, we collected the stools and went to a finisher we knew could provide the look we wanted.  

Luckily, because I have done a lot of work with this particular finisher, he gave me a great price on stripping the ottomans and refinishing in the correct finish. He then created his own samples and double checked with us to confirm.  This could have cost double but because I have established good relationships with my trades, I was able to turn this around. 

Next was the upholstery.  The fabric was imported and quite expensive.  It had a nap and a clear direction in the weave.  The finish and workmanship had to be excellent. 

In my interior design courses, I point out the importance of the workroom detail sheet and go over it thoroughly.  It has to point out every detail in writing so everyone understands.  The upholsterer meets with one of us and goes over the details with us.  We then agree to proceed.

Interior Design and Interior Decorating is about Solutions.

Once the stools were delivered the room was complete.  She loved all the details and the balance of the space.  She loved working with us - even with the small problem of the stools. The KEY is getting to an excellent SOLUTION quickly so you do not lose your clients fatih and trust in your firm's ability to deliver.

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 Elizabeth Ribons ASID,CID

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