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"Its about confidence in my intuition, ability, experience, knowledge and choices.....

I stand by them.  I see them through"                           -elizabth ribons


Walking up to the property...

I knew that the grand space from entry through to the breathtaking views beyond needed a bold touch.  We added a marble slab fireplace surround from floor to ceiling reaching 15 feet.  In the face of the hearth, a linear firelplace encased in glass.  The gorgeous 8x5ft marble slabs were bookended and wrapped back to floor to ceiling niches.

 I added a silk shantung wallpaper imported from Europe to the soaring niches that flanked the fireplace  A gorgeous silk imported rug lay on the perfect clear and flawless,  bleached oak floors. Much more was added to this space - most all of it custom.  This client was open to unique ideas and wanted a higher level of design.  

The strike off was the gorgeous slabs - almost like art - added to selected walls and niches of the home.  Soaring up the the high ceilings.   Not just any chairs could sit in the space I have just described.  A statement had to be made.  A confident statement and this client was open to the ideas.

Note: With  this very discerning type of client, while they are open to creative  and innovative designs, it is important.be careful that you are quite thoughtful about each detail in the fabriction to avoid problems. 


It started with the fabric...(doesn't is always?)

This gorgeous Beacon Hill fabric from Italy was like art in itself.  The repeat (pattern size) was 21" x21" which was dramatic and captivating.  They were in love at first sight.

I suggested high back arm chairs to showcase the height of the ceilings, create an intimate space in fromt of the fireplace,  and also to proivde a canvas to display the beauty of the fabric.  

These two chairs would make a statement for sure.

For this client , I suggested "semi-custom" which means I used a vendor in West Los Angeles and did a COM (customers own material) order for the chair style using our fabric.  This way, the client could go and sit in the showroom sample and get an idea of the overall feel and quality.  This is also "semi-safer" :) method.  Totally custom is hard to sell and the client has no point of reference.  They have to completely trust you that the product will meet their expectations.  That takes experience to know who will risk more than others and for this client, they needed to be involved in the process.

That is another blog.  Back to the story.

How it works....

After the clients approved the proposal, I placed an order for the fabric.  I made sure it was delivered to my office address instead of the workroom.  I set an appointment with the workroom manager and delivered the fabric in person.

I used blue tape to mark out where I wanted the fabric pattern to be placed.  I questioned the manager to confirm that she was very clear and also had it drawn on a workroom sheet with her initials (always good to document conversations to avoid issues and make sure everyone is on the same page)

There could not be errors.  This fabric was very expensive.  This client was very particular.  That is usually the case.  Higher taste = very particular expectations on level of quality.  I am used to it.  

But don't EVER think things are going to be ok without your eyes on it.  I have assistants and they keep busy with other tasks.  I don't chance things like this.




I of course did not pay the final balance until I checked the finished product.

These chairs made a dramatic statement in the space and the clients were thrilled. 

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, NCIDQ,CID

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