Curated...It Tells a Story

Curated means collected, sought out and revered.   A collection of items in someone's space reflects their story without using words.  Curated iems encourage thought and conversation

Did your grandma ever have a "Curio cabinet"?  Most likely filled with precious items from travel, passed down through the family and collected figurenes and found treasures..."curiosities" .   It all stems form the same root word and defines the idea of a "collection" of items.  Art, antique rugs, custom items that are "one of a kind" bring a special uniqueness to this space

As a designer, I am forever seeking artists, artisans and trades that are passionate about what they do and create in kind beautiful work.   My resources and trades are part of my curated collection.

Without them, I cannot provide the unique and surprising elements to a successful project.  My clients work with me but I am connected to so many that make my work incredible.  I dont for a minute forget that.

Always work to deliver the unexpected.....

Of course I work within a clients comfort zone but I do suggest ideas that are a bit out of their range and most often ---that is what they end up loving the most.

I will get emails and texts saying "Everyone loves that turquoise Jonathen Adler Chair you insisted we go with" 


Don't be a push over

Its on you to make the suggestions.  Push the limits just a bit and it will get you further than if you just deliver the expected....That is NOT special and you have missed an opportunity to create something truly unique for your clients.  That effort does not go unnoticed. Take your work to the next level.  Offer interesting and unique items from trades and artisans.  Client's love to have a glass of wine and walk their friends through a newly designed property and tell the story of curated items.  I have found artists and artisans near and far and I often will look to find a place for their work in my project.


The world is a golf ball and trends get old yesterday....don't be too trendy

Offering the unexpected to my client is a risk.  What if this unique and special item arrives and they don't like it?? That is your job.  You have to

1) Make sure they understand the design

2) Do your best for them to see the work

                    3) Be clear that it is "custom" and cannot be returned 

Yes, its a risk....but one worth taking if you want to raise up the work you do and what  you deliver.  There are ways to take good care of your client while making sure you are taking care of yourself.  I can and will continue to share more in blogs but if this was helpful, continue to follow or join the conversation. Cliok the link below.

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID.  I am a pro designer, interested in your success and sharing my experience  with you along the way....