Creative Careers Require Courage

Creativity Is An Extension Of Ourselves

When we choose a career that is creative, we are choosing to expose more of our soul than most careers.  It takes courage to put yourself out there and that what you are doing is right.  We are vulnerable to criticism and failure but ....we are also allowing ourselves joy.  Because we create.

Your intuition is key and what really speaks to you and therefore the world.  It could be art, design, an event, music, architecture....many things.  You first have to listen to your intuition. 

Usually, its a understanding of what needs to happen and then you are able to provide it.  If it is instinctual then its definitely intuitive for you.  Everyone may not agree  with your ideas and you could be wrong but usually, if you trust your intuition and people are coming to you for it...Go with it.  That is your innate gift and it is in demand.

Sometimes creatives fall in love with their ideas and that is great too.  It may not always get the responses they want and in business, you may have to find where your ideas fit best.  But be mindful and this intuition or my will? Be willing to be somewhat flexible.   Perhaps they do not understand or perhaps you are being stubborn.  But in any case, its not easy to have your ideas stamped out.  Don't take it personally.

The good thing is.....creatives have a lot of ideas.  A good way to work with the world and your creaivity is to hear...really hear.  Then produce the result.  That is not a sellout.  We all need to work together and DaVinci was even managed on his commissions.  

Create CompletelyFor Yourself ...The World Will Notice

If you are a creative entrepreneur then you probably have already had successes with your ability to create and have turned it into a business.   Stay flexible with the creativity and understand it is a business.  Don't take yourself so seriously.  

Sometimes it is not a good fit and you as the creative have to be the one to decline the opportunity.  I have had to do this - not often - but even though I am flexible I do retain my self-respect and value my work.  You will know when its not a good fit.  And you need to also be humble enough to be willing work with others.  This takes life experience.

There have been times when I wanted the project so badly and I really had a vision.  I would be frustrated at how I was not given freedom to create it and the client may have had too many fears, control issues or just not liking what I was creating for them.....that is time to end the relationship and say thank you.

Why??  Because its the TRUST that you have more work coming.  Yes, that is hard.  The Trust that you will be ok if they don't like your work....someone else will and the trust that you can stay flexible enough to remain creative and produce beautiful work.  

Trust it.


Elizabeth Ribons is a creative entrepreneur, designer, and mentor who has seen success through her career and helps others to create theirs.  "There are not enough women in business...Why??  Because there aren't enough role models."  Let's change that