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Managing Fearful Thoughts That Can Get You Stuck

Throughout your career...whether you are  established in your business or just getting started, there will be times when "The Ultimate Opportunity"  arises and while we are thrilled, we also can get stuck in fear.

This is common for most of us.  I have known and spoke with people who are incredibly established at high levels and they still have to deal with "The Committee"...fear.  They are very visible in their world and you know the saying..."The higher they climb, the harder they fall"  So don't think for a moment that people who have high ranking positions or status don't struggle with this.   They just have found a way to manage it.

"The Committee" as I aptly name it is the fearful warning(s) in your head that start to chatter: "You can't do never have done that" or "You could totally fail...and in front of all of those people!"  Or "What if you let them down??"  Simply put..It is fear.

What I have done and recommend to others is to not fight against nor agree with  "The committee".  Our brains are wired to warn us against anything that may harm us.  It just doesn't filter out real danger, risks and taking a good risk.   That is when you have to listen to your heart.  If you are in your life's TRUE path and good things are coming your way - however challenging - you have earned it and here are some tips to keeping you on that path...successfully.

Managing The Committee
1) If you have worked towards a goal and are building towards that goal.  Most likely, opportunities will come your way...You're drawing them to yourself.   Sometimes, we need to act "as if" until we feel comfortable but that doesn't mean being false.   

2) If the new opportunity is a dream opportunity find information We live in a world where information is readily available to us.  Connect and get the information you may need or require to go beyond doing a good job.  You may need a coach, a mentor, an expert or simply understand a new program...Do what it takes as long as it is within reach.  Don't take on something far too out of your "wheelhouse" because it is just so appealing.  You could damage your career, reputation and harm others involved. 

3) When the fear starts to set in.  Retrain your brain.  Immediately remind yourself of your "Wins".  Those are the things you have done to get you to this point.  It may have looked different but for instance, I reminded  a newly graduated professional of all of her "wins" while she was in much she juggled and the stress she managed.  Her new opportunity was packaged differently but it was the same. She could then focus on the work she could provide.

4) Be intentional.  This is the opportunity you have been wanting.  Do a little more.  Be early, more advised - whatever it takes- to provide the end result.  Somewhere along the way, you will relax and say "I've got this!"

5) And you do have it.  If you are doing what you truly are good at...people will seek you out.  You will continue to grow your brand and business as long as you are able to stay true to what  you do best and "Manage the Committee"

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Elizabeth Ribons, ASID,CID and Creative Entrepreneur