Artists and Artisans - The Stories

Artists and Artisans ....

Without them, I cannot deliver the level of work that I do. IEach week on my social media streams for #TradeTuesdays, I showcase artists, artisans, vendors, and trades people that create or deliver beautiful products.

It also adds so much more to the clients experience to deliver curated, beautiful items that best reflect their lives, how they live and their personality.   Clients love the stories behind these special pieces and love telling them to their guests.

Everyone benefits from the collaborative effort of bringing unique items to the forefront


For this week, I featured fine artists Debbi Green  and Neiley Harris


Debbi Green

Debbi is a talented artist who often paints animals and nature with such color and passion.

I was with my husband in Topanga Canyon for dinner and stopped to see her gallery show.

She had invited me and I wanted to make sure I attended as I really enjoy her work.

One wall had paintings of animals.  Cows, horses, dogs, birds and buffalo

This had a special meaning to me as I very much liked the owl and buffalo.

After the show my husband contacted Debbi and those paintings had sold.  He had her paint them for me and surprised me Christmas morning with these special paintings.  

Its the stories behind the work....It connects us



Neiley Harris


I had discovered her work while on a vacation in Bar Harbour Maine at "This Way Cafe".   Her work is clean and captivating to reflect nature through her eyes.  It is as if she has turn the light up on her subjects to reflect the brilliance of the moment.

This piece was commissioned for her to paint as a surprise to my clients husband.  This was a photo of a very special memory for the two fo them and Neiley delivered a beautiful work of art - very much pleasiing and surprising my clients husband.

This picture is displayed in their great room and is brilliant and wonderful.   I am so glad I found Neiley as she was the perfect fit for this particular commission. 

You may see her work at


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