Are You An Entrepreneur By Default?

You're In Demand Without A Plan

Here's a hypothetical.  You are an employee and you love being creative. You create (on your own time) beautiful spaces, events, clothes.. you're a natural.   People notice and start asking for your help.  Usually its family and friends, then the neighbors...then their friends.   All of the sudden, you are busy on the weekends and whenever you can get a chance - doing what you love.  Being creative but now its REAL.  It's becoming a business.

It's all happening quickly and you find yourself in a business without a plan.   Things can unravel pretty quickly if you don't get a business protocol in place.  That sounds overwhelming to some...Especially if you are transitioning from employment to your own business and wearing all the hats.    But you must take the time to get organized and set up your business.   

I know that small steps are best and I provide 5 to get started and set your directon.  Journey Boost is for  "newcomers" in the creative entrepreneurial world.   The challenge is ...will you use it?

...or a least explore.  Click the link below to get access.  It's yours if you want it.  


Because I was an entrepreneur by default (sort of) I had already owned prior small businesses but hadn't owned an interior design firm.  I had to fail, make mistakes and learn as I went.  If I had simple steps to follow I would not have experienced the stress I did and costly mistakes....which can potentially ruin a business.

Smart entrepreneurs "hire up".  That means they get people with knowledge and experience around them.  Not everyone has the bank account to support that.   Not everyone wants a business partner.   But what about a "virtual business partner"?  A mentor to help you build the business you see already developing and grow it so you experience the joy and lifestyle you envision.

Where Are You At?  Where Do You Want To Be?

Employee. Simply put...a paycheck is sometimes crucial and necessary.  BUT you may have an idea of where you want to end up.  Get a plan in place.  The boost will guide you.  You may need time as there are unknowns in owning your own business.  Do what it takes for you to plan accordingly and then make the transition easily.

Entrepreneur.  You have always known that you would eventually own your own business.  You may have had a few small businesses creating products, etc.  Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur may seem easy but be smart.  Get a plan in place where you have income and time to build your business.  Things don't happen overnight. Again, the journey boost can give you tips to coordinate this.

Entrepreneur By Default - If you are in a position where you are not solely dependent on your income or your household isn't solely dependent on your income, you can plan accordingly and take steps to launch but take it slow my friend.  Take small steps to build a firm foundation.  Utilize  Better by Design as your virtual mentor and business partner and learn what it takes to navigate and grow a design business.   The ID Business Boost is a good start.

Let's face it.  All of the above gets noticed for their outstanding creative eye.   Is design your dream?  If you are doing it already get organized and make it real.

 I have been in your place and know from experience that entrepreneurs surround themselves with knowledge.  That doesn't mean a startup with crowdfunding.  It can start small and grow to a fantastic business and lifestyle.

The Friday 5 will deliver expert tips, experience, and strategy in bullet point links to browse as needed.  Look....we are all busy but don't overlook an opportunity to create your dream. You've got support right here.


ID Business Boost and Friday 5

Elizabeth Ribons, ASID, CID, NCIDQ