8 Color Combinations For Your Clients Space

Color combinations can make a world of difference in the overall look and feel of a home, office, or other space.
Finding out how colors work together, how they work with the overall aspect of the home, and how they work with your client's preferences is generally the job of an interior designer.
Interior design does not have to be completely out of reach for homeowners - which is often the misconception - with the right colors, painting can help change the look and feel of a home or office in seconds.
There are three categories of color combinations:
    • warms
    • cools
    • complimentary colors.
With warm color combinations, colors generally come from one side of the color wheel, the warm side. You can present your clients with any of these color combos: 
1. red and orange
2. red and brown
3. orange and brown.
Any variation of these three color combinations is great when combined with one another.
If you clients prefers cool tones color combos you can suggest these
4. green and blue
5. blue and purple.
For complimentary colors some typical and classic combos are
6. orange and blue
7. red and green
8. brown and blue.
These color combos are opposite colors on the color wheel making them visually striking and attention grabbing.
Good luck :)
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