5 Things To LOVE About Interior Design

Just for fun,  I once took one of those quizzes on social media a year or so ago about what your "dream" job should be. I answered random questions and then was provided  with one career - "Interior Designer".

That was not a surprise as I have been designing all of my life - from a very young age really. Did I know I would do this as a career? No. It evolved. I saw myself becoming an entrepreneur. Coming up with ideas that would answer a need was exciting to me.

Business ideas combined with my creativity (ever present and always abundant) converged to become my career in design. 

Having the characteristics of an entrepreneur is really close to being a designer. Both are about coming up with solutions to a need. Truly, I love that part of designing.

There are much more than five reasons to LOVE Interior Design. But this simplifies it.  

1) I LOVE envisioning a space and seeing it become a reality - Creativity

2) I LOVE coming up with solutions to unmet design needs - Intuitive

3) I LOVE the details, pace, logistics and planning - The Design

4) I LOVE transforming spaces for people and making their life a little better - The Reward

5) I LOVE the freedom of being creative, providing solutions while running a business. I can be present for life, be a parent, partner, friend, still stay "In the Game" and relevant in my field - The Entrepreneur


Hard work, risks, some stress, peaks and valleys, problems, nightmares and mishaps? Yes, those are in the mix too but far less than the benefits I receive from being my own boss, being creative and delivering to others truly unique work.

Interior Design is exciting. Business is not always easy but I think its exciting to be able to deliver from a talent that innately yours.  

It's important to know what your strengths are and bring them to the world in a way they all benefit. 


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  Elizabeth Ribons ASID,CID

I am a professional interior designer (and a serial entrepreneur) sharing my insights, tips and inspiration for others running their businesses and how to start your interior design business. Creative entrepreneurs often operate solo or with very little staff.  It is nice to have a source to connect to.  Follow the blog where I tell "Day in the Life" stories about my design business, projects, problems and solutions, provide tips and more.


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